Jesus and His Church

Lord’s Supper Ideas

  Twenty things the Blood of Christ does. Our Thanksgiving Lord’s supper last year. Cream cheese unleavened bread recipe. Many things believers have in Christ. – Email me at bridgetbabione@gmail.com and I’ll send this to you. Reframing the Lord’s Supper – a podcast by To the Saints that will give you a new perspective on why we have the Lord’s Supper. Marble: When formed from limestone with very few impurities it is completely white. Jesus washes away our sin (impurities) and…

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July Catch-Up and The New Blog

Let me tell you somethin, y’all, July was a full month! I didn’t realize when I decided to take a break from blogging for July how necessary a break was…


College, Shoes, and Anxiety

Caleb was accepted to Austin Community College this week. He is super excited and ready to get to it. Neither RC nor I believe that a college degree is essential…


The Last Day of May

Y’all. I have so many things that I want to share with you, but so little time and energy to pour into making each thing it’s own post so I’ve…