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A Few Master Bedroom Changes

Since I revealed our updated master bedroom, I have updated it even more. =)

When we were in Oklahoma City for my nephew’s birth, I bought a remnant of fabric at a really nice, but expensive, fabric store. Hence, the remnant.  I love almost any embroidery so I snatched this fabric up thinking I would do a pillow cover or two. After getting it home, I decided that it wasn’t going to work in the living room, but I had just enough to do the window over our desk in the bedroom.

masterupdateslampcurtainBefore, this side of the room kinda “fell off” because of the lack of pattern and color compared to the rest of the room. Now it feels much more balanced in here. The curtain change then required that I change the lamp shade, because the two embroidered fabrics just mushed all together and I love contrast not mush. I’m not entirely loving the lamp shade though, so it will more than likely be changing down the road. Not every project is a home run, but if I only tried something because I was convinced it would work out, I’d never do anything. And seriously, it’s a lamp shade, not heart surgery. If it doesn’t work out NO BIG DEAL. =)

masterupdateschairAnd we got a new chair! I LOVE this chair. Basically, we decided that our dining room chairs weren’t working for us. They came with the rig and while they were comfy, they were also very big and heavy. If someone was sitting on the outside, they had to get up for someone to get into the inside, as well as just being hard to move around. Our plan was to simply change them out with more of the chairs from Ikea. Well, RC went to Ikea by himself while I did school with the kids one Monday, and he is the brains behind the new office chair.

masterupdateschairfoldedWe were having to move the other chair into the bathroom or living room when we weren’t working because we couldn’t get to the closet easily with it in the way. This new chair is a folding chair that, when folded, can fit under the little bit of bed that hangs out over the bed base. And it is just as comfy as the other one was. Brilliant! And we just added the other chair to the dining chairs.


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