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A New Job, More Decorating, High School Graduation, Summer Kamp, The Conference, and a Break

Literally what I look like right now as I write this blog post.

RC started a new part-time job this week. He is working at the RV Park we are living at as a Ranger. =) He gets to drive around in a sporty golf cart, fill propane tanks, pick up trash, and help people find their spots and leave their spots. He also gets to take care of the pool and empty the dog poop trash can. He has enjoyed his first week and, of course, there are perks to working for the park we live in. The hours still allow him to homeschool the kids and do his online work, and the job is super flexible. Perfect fit.

My decorating sickness has flared up again and I’ve made some changes around the house. Two big ones are the shelves you can see in the photo above and I bought a $75 rug from At Home for our living room. I can’t tell you how happy this rug makes me. It’s soft which is important bc two of our kids sleep on the floor (on mats). It’s lightweight which is important bc our home on wheels has weight restrictions. It’s neutral but bold which is important because that’s what I like. It’s cheap which is important bc I don’t have lots of money and I change my decorating mind a lot. =) Here’s a sneak peek (those are Caleb’s hairy legs):

Speaking of Caleb, he officially graduated from high school this week! RC and I are gonna take him out for a dinner celebration tonight and that will be his Graduation Ceremony. I might make a diploma for fun. Y’all, I actually successfully homeschooled a kid through high school! Hallelujah!

Next weekend I’m heading up to Branson, MO to pick up Isaac and Caiah from Kamp. This is both’s first year of doing sleep-over Kamp (they’ve done the day kamp, Kamp Out, that travels to cities all over the US a few years now) and I’m excited for them. They start today and I know they are gonna have a blast. My youngest sister works for Kanakuk Kamps and my mom volunteers there most summers. It definitely makes it easier to send my kids all the way to Branson when Kara and Mom are there.

The third weekend of July (Thursday the 20th – Sunday the 23rd) is the To the Saints Conference here in Austin! Registration closed yesterday, but if you’re just now hearing about it and really want to come, email me ( and I’ll see what I can do. =) It’s gonna be full of Jesus!

Finally, I’m taking the month of July off from blogging. Not because I need a break, though July is gonna be a busy month for us, but because I have some new plans for the blog that I want to take the time to work on. Some future steps are becoming clearer and I’m ready to move forward in confidence. I’ll still be posting occasionally on instagram, so if you want to see bits of our July make sure to follow me there. @bridgetbabione

Happy summer!

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