Back From My Break

I ended up taking two weeks. Not because the first went badly, but because the first was so nice. I decided I wanted one more week off. It has been really good and now I feel refreshed and motivated to get back at it. I also feel more empowered to use my true author voice. To write what I would write if I didn’t fear consequences.

This blog will never be a complete reflection of me or my life. It just can’t be; it’s a blog. But I have been hesitant to share certain things on here because of fear of being judged or attacked. Neither have happened on here yet, but both have happened in our real life, and it’s not fun. However, it’s our lives, not just our words, that are a testimony of Jesus Christ, and I believe He has asked me to share some of my life here on this blog. I’m so grateful for his loving patience and kindness toward us. He hasn’t demanded that I write this blog, He has simply asked me to. Out of love and by His life, I obey.

It feels really good to be finishing up the e-book. I will be launching it here on the blog on Thursday, and I’m really excited and ready to do this! I took the cover picture last week and am so pleased with it. You can see it at the top of this post. RC helped me, and we found a spot at the front of the RV park we are in, on one of their picnic tables. It was early morning, and I was hoping to get some great light with the sun coming up. Unfortunately, there were lots of clouds and so all we got was a gray morning. I took the shots anyway and then found a Photoshop action I had to add the sunlight in. Technology is awesome!

I will be continuing the Elevating the Everyday series. I have four posts left: cooking, cleaning, exercising, and getting ready for bed. It might seem like our life is a big adventure. I mean, we live in an RV and travel around. The reality of it is that our life is rather small and routine. Yes, we move around more than most people, but day to day we live and work just like the rest. These small ways of making the everyday routines more enjoyable are really important to me, and I hope they also help you.

I’m also looking forward to telling you about our Halloween tradition, how I meal plan, how I’ve set up my tiny kitchen, sharing some weekly date ideas, and more. I’m looking forward to the rest of October!



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