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Bathroom Refresh (with a video!)

Hey guys! I know that many of you stick around here at Love, Bridget mostly because you are interested in how a family of six lives in a fifth wheel. Well, our summer has been kinds crazy, in a really good way, and so I haven’t been able to share much about our life in a fifth wheel because we haven’t been living in it. We’ve been house sitting and staying with family, but I still wanted to share with you some updates I’ve made to the bathroom, so the other day RC and I went out to Ginormica and took some pics to share. After not being able to get the pics I really wanted, I decided to just record a video.

I haven’t made any major changes. Just small decorative ones that really seem to brighten up the space. First, I bought two more new towels. These are coral to tie in to the coral in the bedroom, and the small bit of coral in the living area. The tan and gray towels are now our pool towels, which is awesome because these towels take up so much less space than our big beach towels did.


I also found some really cute small bowls to go on the shelf under the medicine cabinet. They hold ponytail holders, bobby pins, barrets, q-tips, fingernail clippers and small scissors. They keep things very convenient while being very cute.


Here’s the video:

So, what do you think of the changes? Do you like the brighter colors?

Here’s what the bathroom looked like before.

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