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Bedroom Refresh

I love changing things up a bit around the “house” as the seasons change. Especially when summer turns to fall and winter turns to spring. This year winter turned to spring as we were finishing up remodeling the RV. I took the chance to make a few changes in the bedroom and brighten things up for spring/summer.

I decided to concentrate the blue accents out in the living/kitchen area and bring the coral/pink accents back into the bedroom. All it took was moving some things from other parts of the house into the bedroom and purchasing less than $15 worth of fabric, flowers, and small baskets from Hobby Lobby to complete the transformation. Though, the small baskets are getting their own post next week.

The red/coral throw blanket had been out in the living room, but got moved to the foot of our bed. I always have some sort of blanket or comforter at the foot of our bed because I love naps. It is so wonderful to be able to just pull up a small blanket for a small nap and then easily put the bed back together when you’re done.


I love the pink cotton fabric I found, I sewed two simple covers, and just swapped the blue covers for the pink ones, easy peasy, and then ended up using the blue covers out in the living room. I changed the cover on my body pillow to a simple cotton one in tan/beige. It is much better for the warmer months and also lightens up the look of the bed.

I had the white bud vase in the bathroom, but having flowers in there was not necessary, so I used it to hold the new coral flowers, and just stored the flowers that had been in it.


The “office” side of the bedroom received a few changes as well. I replaced the seat cushion cover with an all white one I had, and I brought in a pink frame that had been out in the living room to go next to the coral candle.


Finally, I changed the art on the inside wall. I needed a poster for something I am sharing when our church meets this weekend so I bought this one at Hobby Lobby, but then I found a much better one online. However, I can’t find the receipt so this is mine forever now, too.  Luckily, it works great in the space, I think it’s beautiful, and it coordinates with the mirror above the bed. Win, win, win.

Here’s what the bedroom looked like before. The space feels even more cohesive to me now, though still bright and fun. What do you think of the changes?

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