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Bedside Baskets

RC and I both use our cell phones as our alarm clocks. This means that we need our phones close when we are sleeping. Since living in Ginormica, we just sat them on the small shelves in the corners of our bed nook. However, the charging cords didn’t reach well and were sometimes in the way. Plus, the phones were hard to grab when needed and would easily fall off the shelves and onto our heads. Not the best situation.


After keeping my eyes peeled for a solution I finally found some baskets at Hobby Lobby. They are the perfect size and are super lightweight. Always a consideration in an RV. The phones fit great sitting on top and are really easy to access.


The baskets also are great storage for small things like earplugs, chapstick, and headphones. I even keep a tennis ball in mine for my sciatic nerve.


I love the dark color and texture of the baskets but it is their function that has me smitten. We are loving our bedside baskets.


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