Birthday Party Idea: Shaving Cream Game

When I was in 7th grade my best friend asked me to throw her a surprise party. When I told my mom this she said, “If she wants a surprise party, she’ll get a surprise party.” So we threw her a party a month before her birthday. My mom suggested having a dance/shaving cream game party. It was great because the girls came because it was a dance, and the boys came because there was a shaving cream game. It was a huge hit and I filed the idea away to one day use for my own kids.


When Caleb’s 15th birthday was approaching I knew it was the right time to pull the shaving cream game idea out of my bag. I bought all the cans of shaving cream Dollar Tree had and told everyone to wear old clothes that could get wet and bring a towel. Swimsuits were a plus.

Here’s how the Shaving Cream Game goes: (make sure to have a hose on hand in case someone gets shaving cream in their eyes)


Give everyone a can and count to three! Then start running and spraying!


We had to do this in the parking lot of our townhouse complex, but a backyard would definitely be best.


For Caleb’s birthday, adults and kids alike joined in.


Play until everyone is out of shaving cream.


Make sure to get after pics of people covered in shaving cream.




If you want, you can do a shaving cream pie in the face for the birthday boy/girl instead of birthday spankings. (does anyone still do those, and where in the world did the idea come from anyway???)


Don’t forget a group after shot.


Then start hosing people off…

hosingpeopleoff1 hosingpeopleoff2 hosingpeopleoff3 hosingpeopleoff4 hosingpeopleoff5

RC looks like he enjoyed spraying water in my face a little too much. =) If you have a pool available, then end with a good swim.

swimmingpool1 swimmingpool2

Some tips for having your own Shaving Cream Game Party:

    1. Hang out, eat, and open presents (if you do presents) first. Play the shaving cream game last so people can go home and change out of their wet clothes as soon as possible after. (unless, of course, you are swimming after)
    2. If you aren’t playing in a fenced backyard (the ideal location) then designate the playing field. Those more athletic players will definitely have the upper hand if they are allowed to run wherever they want to. And the game will drag on much longer.
    3. If you don’t want to or can’t supply the shaving cream, you can ask guests who want to participate in the game to bring one can for themselves.
    4. If the adults are willing, I can’t encourage you enough to play along with the kids. Not only is it really fun, but the kids absolutely love spraying the adults with shaving cream!

Well, here we are entering the warmer months. The perfect time for a Shaving Cream Game Party. And, honestly, who says it has to be for a birthday? I think that summertime is reason enough to buy Dollar Tree out of shaving cream. Enjoy!

*This is simply a fun idea I am passing along. I, in no way, guarantee the success of said game, nor do I guarantee that no one will get hurt, as accidents do happen. Therefore, play at your own risk.

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