Bread & Wine

How often do you think about food? I think about it all the time. With meal planning for our family, grocery shopping, cooking, and eating, food takes up a lot of my brain space. However, up until 6 years ago I had never really thought about spiritual food. I wasn’t even aware that I could eat and drink spiritually.

When it was revealed to me that Christ, Himself, is the reality of food, and that He is now our spiritual food and drink, and I began to eat and drink Him, I was amazed by the differences I experienced in my spiritual life. I began to experience more and more the abundance and victory I read about in the scriptures.  As Jesus Christ became my source and nourishment my spiritual life increased dramatically.

As God was in the beginning stages of changing my spiritual diet, I felt Him ask me to stop doing a lot the religious things I was doing. This was very scary because I believed those things kept me on the straight and narrow. Would I go off the deep end without them? I had also been told that if I did certain things that God would bless me. Would bad things happen to me and my family if I stopped doing all the “right” things? I felt the Lord speak to my heart, “I will keep you. Trust Me.” This one small phrase has grown into something so much more than I could have ever imagined.

In Bread & Wine, I share my own story with learning to eat and drink the True Food, tips I have learned over the years, and 20 practical and enjoyable “recipes” that I have personally used. Despite the fact that I had grown up in church and been a believer for almost 20 years, these recipes were all new to me. They are simple ways to eat and drink Christ, or put another way: to draw from Him, to spend time with Him, to abide in Him, yet they are not your typical religious exercises.

I also share the only must-have ingredient, as well as ways to know if you are in fact eating Christ or if you are still eating man-made religious ideals. I share some of my own personal experiences with some of the recipes and include a special “extra” at the end.

So, is Bread & Wine for you? Well…

  • Do you want to experience the life that Christ freely offers?
  • Do you go to church to be “fed”?
  • Have you been wondering why you aren’t experiencing this life even though you are doing all the right Christian things?
  • Are you in a spiritual dry spell and need something new and refreshing?
  • Do you love Jesus and simply desire some new ways to enjoy Him?
  • Are you wondering if you are eating the True Food or simply good morals?
  • Do you have a deep longing for more of Jesus Christ, but aren’t sure how to fill it?

I believe anyone and everyone can benefit from Bread & Wine, and especially if you answered yes to any of the questions above! But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying about Bread & Wine:

“…simple and relatable. The Lord desires to be a part of our EVERY moment. I’m so grateful that He has designed the transforming of our lives, into His image, to be as simple as eating and drinking of Jesus Christ.”  -Brenda Valdez

“…good and fresh. I like the dinner with the Lord idea and the retreat.”  -Mary Rodriguez

“Simple and elegant! I have done some of these recipes over the years, and I, too, have found my time with the Lord to be more real and intimate. There is a bigger Lord to be known and these recipes are a great way to get started on this journey.”  -Carrie Walters

“If you are looking for new ways to spend time with the Lord then I encourage you to read Bread & Wine! This book will open your mind and provide a great start to seeing how various activities we partake of in everyday life can be shared with the Lord. The recipes given in the book on how to eat and drink of Christ are very encouraging to me because they remind me of how our Lord is always with us even in the most ordinary ways.”  -Floshea Harrigan

“The variety of recipes in Bread & Wine will add flavor and spice to your time with the Lord! As you learn to pursue Him in every part of your day, you will start to see Him in every part of your day!! My eyes have been opened to the abundance of ways I can spend intimate time with the Lord without only sitting and being still.”  -Meagan Gough

Bread & Wine costs less than a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks, and is much better for you! If you’re ready to purchase Bread & Wine and taste the Lord’s goodness, then click the picture below.