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Our Outdoor Space

We’re pretty sure we’re gonna be in Austin longer than usual. Granted, “longer than usual” for us is longer than 7 months, and we’re currently on month 9. Anywho, I’ve…


Small Paper Trays

A couple of weeks ago I had an idea. I was feeling crafty, plus I was missing my small dish that I keep my everyday jewelry in. These two things…

D.I.Y., Decorating

My Newest Flower Arrangement

I love real flowers. I love floral fabrics. I love paintings and pictures of flowers. I even love fake flowers. Some in the interior decorating community believe them to be…

D.I.Y., Living Big, Small

Touch Up Paint

Now that all the major painting is done in the RV it doesn’t make sense to keep big paint cans around, taking up so much of our precious space. I…