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D.I.Y. Charging Station

We are a family of six cell phones. Honestly, it’s a little ridiculous, and I definitely don’t believe that my ten year old needs a cell phone, but when we chose the nomadic life we wanted our children to be able to keep in touch with family and friends easily. That meant cell phones. The age we allowed them to get their first phone was ten, so last year, when our youngest turned ten, we entered into six cell phones territory.

With cell phones comes chargers. Chargers, chargers everywhere. What to do with all the chargers constantly laying around the house? Make a charging station, of course.


I bought a photo box from Hobby Lobby and used an exacto knife to cut four small holes on one end and a big hole on the other.


I placed the power strip in the box and stuck its cord out the big hole. I then plugged the chargers into the power strip and stuck their cords out the small holes. I gave the charging station a trial run before putting it in its final resting spot. I didn’t know if it would get too hot with that many chargers, but after a day of being plugged in and charging phones things were only slightly warm.


I placed the box in a cubby up by our t.v. and told the kids that was where they were to charge their phones. It has worked wonderfully and we don’t have charging phones all over the place anymore.



I hang a metal plaque over the hole to cover the mess. My best friend bought this for me years ago and it works perfectly because it is super easy to take off and put on. So that’s our solution to the chargers, chargers everywhere.


Do you have a charging station? Did you buy yours or make it? How’s it working for you?

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