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Dining Room Refresh

I’m in the mood for a decorating post, and I finally put the finishing puzzle pieces of the dining room in place. So, I’m sharing it with you today. =) You can see the dining room version 1.0 (really version 1.6 or 1.7, but I didn’t document all those on the blog) here.


What did I change? Well, the curtains, the cushions, the seat covers, and the tray on the table, and the coffee cart wall has another shelf. I’m loving the feel of the dining room now. The all white curtains just weren’t visually weighty enough for the space and the chair cushions that I sewed weren’t very comfy. They were quite flat, and we found the new ones at Ikea for $4.49 each. Seriously!?! You can’t beat that.


I can tell when I’m getting to the final stage of a room because it all just starts to fit. The bedroom and bathroom are there and the living room, kitchen, and dining room are so close to being “there” as well. I’m looking for some new mirrors to go over the daybed in the living room, some new candlesticks to go in the wooden trough on the dining table (the ones I have don’t fit), and a new basket to go on top of the kitchen cabinets. Other than those small things, the spaces are practically done for now. =)

I did take down all the pictures in the water closet of the bathroom, and have some ideas for that space that I’ll be working on soon. Once that space is done, I don’t really know what I’m gonna do. It’s a good thing Christmas is on the way. 😉


I also took pics of the living room, so I’ll have a refresh post for that space soon. AND I recorded a video of the rest of the RV. I’m excited to share it with you once I get it edited.



p.s. Have you been doing any decorating lately? What spaces are you working on?

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