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“Eat My Flesh, Drink My Blood”

Eating and drinking Christ isn’t a normal thing to say for many believers. However, the early christians were actually accused of being cannibals because they were heard talking like this. Christ, Himself, told us that to have Life we had to eat His flesh and drink His blood. But what does that look like?

We are still in the “setting the stage” phase of our new diet. We are having to see how our old diet is falling short so we can let go of old habits and allow the Lord to lead us into new eating habits. Let’s ask the Lord to show us more and more of Himself, the Real Food, so we aren’t drawn to the artificial religious food anymore. Only in experiencing True Food will our appetite for the man made stuff decrease.

As we simply focus on eating and drinking Him, He does the work of cleaning out our spiritual pantries. He’s very good at it.


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