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Elevating the Everyday: Early Morning

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to organize the posts in this series, and I’ve finally decided to simply start at the beginning of my day, paying attention to the everyday things that can be elevated to a more enjoyable experience. As I have learned to pay more attention to the small details, I have also learned to be more present in the moment. I am not perfect at this, notevenclose, but I am learning. None of the things I will share in this series are necessities, you can still live a very meaningful and purposeful life without them. They are simply ways I have found to add beauty and pleasure to the everyday. I’m also absolutely sure there will be things that would add pleasure to your everyday that I’m not aware of, so please add any you think of, or use yourself, in the comments.

First, I’m going to start with waking up. I’ll save pajamas until the “going to bed” post because that is when we put them on, but I do want to start with the first thing I grab in the morning and that is my robe. I have a light, cotton, gray robe from Target that I use year round. When we lived in a bigger place I had a fall/winter robe that was thicker, and then used this robe as my spring/summer robe. I don’t know what it is about putting on a robe when I first get up but it somehow makes me feel just a little more awake. This has stood out to me recently because when we were traveling and staying in other people’s homes all summer I didn’t bring my robe with us. I left it in the RV, so now getting back into Ginormica and having it again has made it very evident to me how much I enjoy this practice.

Because I keep this robe on a hook next to my bed I chose to have one that is solid gray so as to not take away from the decor of the room, but to simply work with it. I know this is something many people don’t even consider, but for myself, it is a very important thing. When you live in a small space and you can see so much of your stuff at one time, I have found it to be much more visually pleasing to have everyday things that coordinate with my decor. Especially the things that I am storing out in the open.


After getting out of bed and putting on my robe, the next thing I do is make my coffee. I have already introduced you to my coffee cart, but it is something that I so enjoy and that truly elevates my everyday that I must mention it again. Obviously, there is the very practical aspect of not using up counter space for the coffee maker, but there is also the joy of having a special place for this beloved morning drink. It is very convenient to have everything I need (sans my creamer) in one place.


I also consider how the components of the coffee cart work with my decor. I bought the mugs from Hobby Lobby a while back because I really liked how they coordinated, and I keep the coffee (I drink decaf so we have two containers) and the tea in clear canisters with chalkboard stickers on the front to label them.  Just recently I had to replace my french press, and took my kids with me to TJMaxx to find one. As I was considering three different ones, Micaiah pointed to the white one and commented on how it would look best in our space. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that’s the one I chose.


Finally, as I drink my coffee at the kitchen table, I spend time with the Lord. In this picture you see my bible, journal, and computer, but I don’t always use those things. I consider my time with the Lord in the morning my spiritual breakfast, and just like I don’t always have granola for breakfast, I don’t always use my bible, journal, and computer to spend time with the Lord. I will say, though, that this time in the morning for me is without a doubt the best way to elevate the everyday. You know how they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, I completely agree with them. My spiritual breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

So that’s how I elevate my early mornings. Nothing earth shattering, but simple things that enhance my life. How do you elevate your mornings? Did anything I mention give you some ideas for yourself?

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  • Donna
    September 6, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    I love this Bridge and I can relate. I love putting on my robe first thing too. I feel cosey and opposite to you, it helps me not feel too awake but rather like I have a slower pace in entering the day. If I get dressed straight away I feel like I have to get going into the days chores! And my spiritual breakfast also elevates my day and helps me move mentally from the robe to the working clothes 🙂

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