Elevating the Everyday

Elevating the Everyday: Getting Ready

Once I have finished my coffee and breakfast (both spiritual and physical) I begin the process of getting ready for the day. Honestly, while I love to look put together, I do not love to spend a lot of time getting put together. If dressing, makeup-ing, and hair doing take too much effort,  I’m usually worn out and less motivated to go on to actual work. But, doing nothing and staying in my pjs all day has the same un-motivating effect. Therefore, I strive for the middle ground, where I look and feel good, but the process is short and sweet.

I’ve already shared my summer makeup routine. I’m not changing it up much for fall, except to wear a darker eye shadow and lip color, and I’ll share that sometime in October. One thing I didn’t share with you, though, was what I store my makeup in. I have been through many makeup bags over the years. As I have become more comfortable with my personal style (classic with a small bit of trendy) I’ve been able to purchase things that last longer because I don’t grow tired of them as quickly. As soon as I saw this makeup bag I knew it would be the one I used for many years. The quilted (faux) patent leather on the outside resists dirt really well, and the polyester polka dots on the inside mean it can be easily wiped out when needed. Bonus: I love pulling it out of the cabinet every morning to put my makeup on.


I know I talk about these bowls every time I talk about the bathroom, but seriously, they are one of those small things that bring me so much pleasure. They are a treat to look at, plus they keep some items we use everyday very close at hand. Win-win. I keep bobby pins and clips in the wooden one and ponytail holders in the aqua one. Q-tips in the floral one and fingernail clippers, tweezers, and small scissors in the black and white/coral one. I really think I’ve finally found the perfect mix of bowls for this shelf because I’m no longer drawn to the dishes section of any store with home decor. From left to right I have: graphic pattern, floral, natural element, and soft color with texture. Bowl mixing nirvana. 😉


Finally, one of the biggest ways I have elevated my everyday is to trim down my wardrobe. I have a whole post planned for next week, sharing how I do a capsule wardrobe. It’s funny to me, because I’ve been doing a capsule wardrobe for years, long before it was a thing. Only having things in my closet and cabinet that I actually want to wear and that work with many other things in my closet and cabinet have made dressing for teaching/working much easier and much more enjoyable. Plus, I plan on sharing a secret with you that has revolutionized my perspective on what I wear.


Having a makeup bag that is beautiful and easy to keep clean, having a visually appealing way to store everyday items, and having a wardrobe that makes deciding what to wear each day much simpler are ways that I elevate my everyday. What are some ways you make getting ready for the day more enjoyable for you?


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