Elevating the Everyday

Elevating the Everyday: Teaching and Writing

A big part of my day is spent teaching the kids and writing books and blog posts. Neither one of these activities are my “dream job”, but I’m very grateful that they are what I get to spend my days doing.

There are three things I do almost every day to elevate the experience of teaching and writing. All three mainly contribute to creating an atmosphere that lends itself to peace and joy. The first thing is to turn on some music. We have a *Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker that not only gives us great sound when we watch our movies, but can also be bluetoothed to our phones and can play music throughout our home. It can also be easily taken outside when we want some tunes on the patio.


We have both Amazon Prime Music and Pandora. Some of our favorite stations for school and work are:

  • Amazon Prime Music: Classical for Creativity, Classical for Deep Thought, Classical for Focus, Classical for Studying, Classical for Writing, Classical Workout, Coffee Shop Classical, Coffee Shop Jazz, Cooking with Classical, Electronic for Creativity, Electronic for Writing, Epic Scores, Jazz for Focusing, Jazz for Reading, Modern Classical, and Relaxing Acoustic Instrumental.
  • Pandora: Claude Debussy Radio, Smooth Jazz Radio, Film Scores Radio, Instrumental Folk Radio, Today’s Classical Radio, and Classical for Studying Radio.

The next thing is to light a candle. I have heard that it’s not good to have candles in RVs so once the two we have are done, I’ll probably switch to an oil diffuser instead. I just love the candles I have so much that I don’t want to let them go till they’re all used up. Honestly, then I’ll probably turn the holders into something else because they are really cute. I also have a lamp that has beads in it that smell really good when the light warms them up. My MIL bought it for us so I’ll have to ask her where to get new beads.


Another thing is to have beautiful and inspirational things around me. In the picture above you can see how I’ve set the candle in a grouping with a picture from our trip to the Golden Gate Bridge, a lamp, and a plant. This gives me something beautiful to look at while I teach. In the bedroom I have the candle sitting with a small frame that not only adds to the color scheme of the room, but came already filled with a saying that is a really good reminder. It says, “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.” Isn’t that true.


Finally, though it’s usually done first, I make sure the space around me is picked up. Not perfectly clean with absolutely everything in it’s place, but picked up. We make our bed every. single. day. Partly because we work in our bedroom and it makes a huge difference in my ability to function, and partly because we live in a tiny space and having just a few things out and about can really make the whole space feel messy. Yes, we pick up a few times throughout the day. This doesn’t bother me at all because it takes only a few seconds. It is not at all the same as picking up a regular sized home. Also, “fluffing” my house is my happy place.


Along with having the house picked up, having our school and work supplies close at hand and easy to find makes life better, too. Most of our school/work stuff is in the desk in the living room, but we keep a few things in a coffee cup on the desk in the bedroom. We also store things above the top cabinets. Some other time I’ll do a post on how we store our school/work stuff.

So that’s how I elevate the everyday tasks of teaching and working. Are there any things that you do to make your work more enjoyable?

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