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Elevating the Everyday: Tissues and Toilet Cleaner

Last year I began a series of posts about ways to elevate our everyday experiences. Today I’m continuing this series with talking about being mindful about how we store things. There are many things in our everyday lives that we need that are very useful, but not very beautiful. By making an effort to store these things in beautiful containers we can elevate our everyday.

For example: tissues. Everyone needs them, and the tissue companies try to make them more aesthetically pleasing by “decorating” the cardboard boxes they come in. I used to make sure and pick out the box that best worked with my decor, but it was still just a flimsy cardboard box. And what to do if nothing in that store worked with my decor? I sure wasn’t going to drive all over town just for a tissue box.

So, I set my mind on finding a better solution to our tissue storage. This basket from TJMaxx for $4.99 was just the ticket. I love the texture it adds to the desk and now I can choose my tissues based on the best deal and softest tissue. I simply open up the cardboard box, remove the whole stack of tissues, place them in the basket, and throw the cardboard box away. It is super easy for everyone to grab a tissue out of the basket whenever needed.

Another example is the toilet cleaner we use. Now, this likely isn’t something you will need, unless you also live in an RV, but it’s the idea of using something beautiful for something utilitarian. Whenever someone goes number 2 in our toilet, we add two scoops of borax to the toilet when we flush. This helps keep our black tank from being stinky.

For a while now, we’ve just kept the box of borax next to the toilet. This was neither beautiful nor good for the borax, as it would usually get very clumpy. When I decided to find a different container for the borax I first looked at typical storage containers.

Nothing seemed to elevate the necessary practice of adding borax to our toilet, until I saw this one:

As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one (I bought the medium one). Was it meant to hold toilet cleaner in a bathroom? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean it can’t. The lid is air tight which helps with clumping, and now using our borax is a little more enjoyable, a lot easier, and looking into the bathroom is much more pleasant.

The next time you are looking for a new way to store something you use regularly, think about ways to elevate the storage and elevate the everyday.



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