Guests, Being Kid-less for Three Weeks, Ice Cream, and Shield

We had guests from Tennessee visit us last week. They are a really sweet couple who have a heart for the Lord and His purpose and are considering moving here to be a part of what the Lord is doing in Austin. We spent time with them and the other saints here throughout the week and it was a really spiritually rich time. I have no idea if or when they will move here, but I do know that I was encouraged by their visit. They have family back in TN, including their 1 yr. old granddaughter, but they are willing to lay down being physically close to them to be obedient to what the Lord might be asking. This is never easy, but it is glorious when our actions reveal that we truly do believe that Jesus is worth more than even our most treasured posessions. It strengthens me in surrendering to Him when I see my brothers and sisters doing it also.

Also last week, my sister-in-law and nephew came down to Austin to see her husband/his dad who is training for his new job out in west Texas right now. They decided to meet up in Austin and see us as well. Molly (SIL) offered to take our three younger ones back to Oklahoma with her for the week since they needed to be in Oklahoma a week later for some summer camps they are attending. This meant one less trip for us up north and we really appreciated the offer. It meant three weeks off school again for the kids and they were thrilled. =)

Our house is MUCH quieter and roomier than usual, and Caleb is loving having things all to himself. Personally, I prefer my people to be here with me, but I know they are having such a fun time and I’m glad they are getting these experiences.

Also, RC bought me some HEB ice cream (pictured above) that is crazy good. It was meant for dessert while his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew were here, but we cooked so much other food that we never got around to dessert. Now I’ve had to eat it all myself. Darn. 😉 While I was at work on Monday, RC and I were texting and he mentioned that he was eating some leftovers (of which we have a ton) and I told him not to eat my ice cream. He said he knew better than to get in the way of this:


Y’all, that was totally me with this ice cream. IT’S. SO. GOOD.

Also, season four of Marvel’s Agents of Shield is finally on Netflix and basically, if I’m not working, that’s what I’m doing. I’ll probably be done with the season by the end of this week, and I’ll be sad that it’s over, but I just can’t help myself. I must know what happens next! And Netflix doesn’t make me wait till next week to see the next episode. #thankyounetflix I promise I’ll be productive again in a week. AND I’ll probably have a post or two of how we’ve been seeing shadows of the Lord in it.




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