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Home School Curriculum: Easy Grammar

Joshua is in 9th grade. The first half of this year he was finishing his 8th grade Language Arts. Basically, we switched curriculum half way through his 8th grade and started the new curriculum at the beginning so we didn’t finish it till half way into 9th grade. The curriculum we were using wasn’t really working for him, so I decided to try something new.

By 9th grade, I think most grammar principles have been introduced. The important ones that need to be remembered anyway. There really isn’t much new grammar to learn, so I was looking for something to simply keep grammar skills strong. I found just that in Easy Graamar. It is a small and inexpensive workbook with 180 grammar lessons.

easygrammarinsideIt takes Joshua about 10 minutes to complete the worksheet. I don’t let him write in the book, but on a separate piece of paper, so we can use the workbook for younger siblings in the future.

Because we began this curriculum half way through the year, Joshua does two days worth each day. This way he will catch up and be able to begin his 10th grade book at the beginning of 10th grade. We will be adding a writing curriculum in 10th grade as well, and that will be what receives most of his attention. I’m on the hunt for which writing curriculum that will be.

Have you ever used Easy Grammar? Or do you have a high school writing curriculum you love? I’m interested…

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