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Homeschool Curriculum: Bob Jones Language Arts

Of all the Language Arts curriculums I’ve tried, this one has been my favorite for elementary and middle school. I’ve used it for highschool as well, but I’ll tell you about that in a moment.

I have never felt very confident with Language Arts. I did well in the subject in school, and I enjoy writing, most of the time, but I just don’t feel confident. It’s not like math, where there are specific steps and a specific answer every time. So having a Language Arts curriculum that makes me feel confident about my children’s learning is important to me.

I didn’t start my kids on Language arts until 2nd grade. Kindergarten and 1st grade were solely focused on reading and handwriting. When I began Language Arts (English for Bob Jones) I only bought the workbook for the kids. I didn’t need the teachers edition at that grade and I don’t test the kids till 4th grade so I didn’t need the test booklet, either. I do use the teachers book for 4th grade and up, but I still don’t buy the test booklet. Inside the workbook are chapter reviews and cummulative reviews that we just treat like tests. I appreciate the simplicity of the lessons and the appearance of the book. The kids enjoy the little pictures and colorful tables.

The front side of the page is the lesson and some guided practice that I do with the kids.


The back side of the page is independent practice.


There are also writing lessons throughout. Each writing lesson is broken down into steps that really simplify the writing process. I love this.



Bob Jones Language Arts for the upper grades has all the same pros of the lower grades. The lessons are set up a little differently, and my kids read the lesson and do the work independently before I check their work. However, it is more information than some of my children need. The curriculum has worked well for Caleb, my oldest. He is a natural writer, and the excess of grammar has been fine for him. However, this is going to be too much for my other children, so I have found a different grammar curriculum to take its place, but I’m still on the hunt for a writing curriculm. I’ll share my high school grammar find soon.


What do you use for Language Arts? Have you tried Bob Jones? Any suggestions for a high school writing curriculum?

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