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I Finally Found a Mirror

I have been wanting a big mirror in the entryway since we moved into the RV. This bit of wall is the only decent span of wall in the RV and the only place a bigger piece can really fit. Instead, I used what I had and first created the B wall.


After a year and a half I was ready for some change, but still using what I had, I created a small gallery wall. I really liked how much cleaner this felt, but I knew it still wasn’t what I really had envisioned for the entry.


At one time in the year and a half of living in the RV I had found a mirror that I loved at Target. It was $40 which was far more than I was able to spend at the time, so I sadly left it at the store. I never saw it again and figured I had lost my chance. I did find a mirror at Hobby Lobby that was only $20 when the mirrors were half-off. I liked it, but I couldn’t ever pull the trigger on it. I think I knew it wasn’t what I really wanted.

In January, on a quick trip to Target one afternoon on my way home from work, I had the idea to check out their mirrors again. I had noticed a big round mirror that I thought might work and wanted to really check out. After looking at the round mirror, and deciding it, too, wasn’t the one, I just randomly looked through the pile of mirrors. I was completely surprised and totally excited to find the mirror I thought I had lost hiding at the back of the stack! I snatched it up fast and drove home smiling.


If you scroll back up to the previous picture, you’ll notice that I already had a small mirror just like this big one. Another clue that this was my mirror. I actually had three of those small mirrors above the daybed until they started to lose mirror pieces. =(

I love the play of the more ornate round mirror with the modern square shelving unit below it. The gold edges warm up the space and the texture of the basket with the mirror and flowers makes my heart happy. I think the new mirror settled the entry for me. I love how it looks within the whole space of the RV and especially how it looks with the spaces right next to it.


If you look closely you’ll notice a new shower curtain. I have some changes in the bathroom to update you on as well. =)

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