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Jewelry Organization

We live in roughly 300 sq. feet. Six of us. One way we make it work is to live with significantly less than most people. Another way we make it work is smart organization.

Like most women I have some jewelry. I’m not crazy into jewelry, and only wear a little at a time, but I still enjoy it. By using my jewelry as decor for our bedroom, I not only save closed storage for less attractive things, I’m able to see what I have and therefore wear more of it than I used to.

I did get rid of a lot of jewelry when we moved into the camper lifestyle, and I can honestly say I don’t miss any of it. Also, I have a few special pieces of jewelry, things passed down from family, that are in storage right now. They aren’t pieces that I would wear often and I don’t want to risk anything happening to them. (Not that they are perfectly safe in storage, but you know what I mean.)

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I hang some of my jewelry on small hooks I found at Target, and the rest sits in bowls and on a plastic plate.  The gold, wood grain plate and dark teal bowl are from Target, and the small dish with flowers on it is a thrift store find. I bought the lamp years ago and can’t remember where it is from, possibly Walmart, and I covered the lamp shade with a fabric square I got at Joann’s. R.C. uses the same storage for his watches, ring, and wrist band, and Micaiah also keeps her jewelry here as well. I also keep a couple of hair clips and some nicer hair pins on the plate.

When we travel the necklaces and hoop earrings tend to stay on the hooks really well. The other earrings I simply put in the teal bowl on the tray, and set the tray inside one of our drawers filled with clothes and it does really well.

Another option I have used in the past was to cover a small bulletin (cork) board with fabric and stick pearl tipped pins in it to hang jewelry from. In one home this hung in our bathroom and in another home my closet was big enough for it to be hung in there. Again, almost all my jewelry was visible to me so I ended up wearing more of it than I did when I kept it closed away in boxes. I don’t have any pictures of mine, but you can simply search “cork board jewelry holder” on pinterest and find a lot of great ideas.

So, do you store your jewelry out of sight or have you found a way to incorporate it into your decor?


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