July Catch-Up and The New Blog

Let me tell you somethin, y’all, July was a full month! I didn’t realize when I decided to take a break from blogging for July how necessary a break was gonna be. There were things that needed my attention and the blog was not one of them. However, I am so glad to be back!

During the second weekend I spent two full days in Branson, MO (and two full days driving there and back) picking up Isaac and Micaiah from Kamp. Andrea little sister and Khyber nephew came with me and we all stayed at Kara’s other little sister house. My mom was up there, too, working Kamp so it was a Williams Girls’ and Joshua, Issac, and Khyber weekend.

The third weekend was spent finalizing plans and preparing for the To the Saints Conference that was scheduled for the next weekend, which meant the fourth weekend was spent hosting the To the Saints Conference. For the most part everything went smoothly and we believe the Lord was blessed. Some of the saints stayed in Austin for an extra day or two after the conference and it was such a blessing to fellowship with them.

The last weekend in July was spent finalizing the changes to the blog and creating new content. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but welcome to “Tent and Altar”. Tomorrow I will be posting my first Tent and Altar Podcast and I will be explaining my heart behind these changes and where I hope to see the blog going in the future. It’s not a complete change from Love, Bridget, honestly, it’s really just me being more open and transparent about our life and the choices we make for the Lord. Choices that aren’t usually very popular, but that we wouldn’t change despite the cost.

My hope is that the Lord’s glory and magnificence will shine forth, and that you will see and believe that He is worth living a life of the Tent and Altar.

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