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Living Room Refresh

There really wasn’t anything at all wrong with the living room. We were in Oklahoma City back in May, and Hancocks fabric store was going out of business, and there was one only about 15 minutes from where we were staying. I had visited it back when we had first arrived in OKC and there really wasn’t anything that caught my fancy.


Then, with about a week left in OKC I had the urge to go back. Seriously, it was like I knew I should go to Hancocks. Have you ever seen Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince? You know when he takes the Liquid Luck and He just knows He should go see Hagrid even though the whole point of taking the Liquid Luck was to get information from Professor Slughorn? Yeah, it was like that. I just knew that I needed to go to Hancock’s before we left OKC.


And lo and behold, what did I find? Only the most wonderful gray and white striped teal drapery fabric. On clearance. Y’all, I walked around Hancock’s trying to talk myself out of these curtains, going over all the reasons we didn’t need them, for at least 30 minutes. I texted RC hoping he would tell me that “we don’t need more fabric, Bridget Babione,” but all he said was, “they sound just like what you love.”



I really did try to leave the store without them, but Hancock’s was going out of business! This was my ONE chance. Well, you know how the story ends. I bought 7.5 yds and now have new curtains and dining chair covers.


And I’m so happy with them!

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