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Living Room Reveal

The last space to show you in the RV is the living room. Here’s the before:


The living room had two chairs and a small table at the very back, and a sleeper sofa in the small slide. We ended up replacing all the furniture that wasn’t built in.


We put an Ikea Ektorp sofa in the very back. It fits the space perfectly and also doubles as a bed. We have a small laptop table for the kids to use for school also from Ikea. We replaced all the window coverings. These curtains are lined with blackout lining to help cut down on light in the morning, but mostly on heat. We rarely have all the windows uncovered.

Here’s the before of the small slide:


Here’s more pics of the daybed we built in place of the sofa. It has served us so much better.


We decided to use black out roller blinds behind these curtains. I really like the way the curtains filter the light during the day. Unfortunately, they are a bit faded from the sun, but I don’t really mind. It’s just evidence of a home that is serving us well.

We spray painted all the light fixtures oil-rubbed bronze. RC and his dad unwired is that a word? all of the them and we sprayed them outside on top of cardboard. Then they rewired I know that’s a word them all. Much better than the bright, shiny gold.



I recovered these lamp shades with my floral fabric. We also replaced all the cabinet handles and sprayed the hinges to match.


I love having small shelves on either side of the cabinets above the sofa. We have most of our books in storage, but we have kept ones we need for work, or that can’t be found electronically. We also keep some blankets on the shelves. And, of course, flowers.


This shelf also has a really beautiful geode that was a gift and the one below has a small piece of granite we picked up in Yosemite.


The living room also has a desk/entertainment area. This space is probably one of the best uses of space in this whole RV. It is so wonderful for home schooling and working. We love it.


I decided to leave the desktop natural because it is actually real wood and I knew that if I painted it white, I would go crazy trying to keep it clean. I like the warmth the wood tone adds and it doesn’t look dirty like white eventually would.


I love a good gallery wall and so I found a way to have one in here. I found the cork board at Target and we place pearl tipped pins to designate all the places we’ve lived.


The pillow on the sofa says, “totes adorbs” which is silly slang for totally adorable. I found it a TJMaxx, but talked myself out of it. Then I talked myself in to it and went back the next day. Luckily, it was still there. That evening the kids were watching a cartoon on Netflix and one of the characters said, “totes adorbs” and we were all so happy. =)


Now that I’ve shown you all the inside spaces, I’ll be showing you how wet actually live in them. Six people in 300 sq. feet gives us lots of opportunity for creative living.

Do you have a favorite part of our living room transformation?

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