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Lord’s Supper Ideas


Twenty things the Blood of Christ does.

Our Thanksgiving Lord’s supper last year.

Cream cheese unleavened bread recipe.

Many things believers have in Christ. – Email me at and I’ll send this to you.

Reframing the Lord’s Supper – a podcast by To the Saints that will give you a new perspective on why we have the Lord’s Supper.


When formed from limestone with very few impurities it is completely white. Jesus washes away our sin (impurities) and clothes us in His righteousness (white).

Made from limestone – which is mostly made in warm, shallow, calm, marine (salt) waters. The shells from dead sea creatures make up limestone. Salt water is a picture of death in scripture, so the material used to make marble is found in death – just like humanity (the material God uses to make His church) is found in death bc of sin. It is made of the shells of dead creatures – again death – just like humanity that is not only found in death – a cursed world – but is dead itself – dead to God bc of sin.

Limestone is a metamorphic rock that is changed not only physically but also chemically through heat, pressure, and chemical processes. Limestone doesn’t just change shape – it actually becomes a new material – marble. This is a picture of how we who have been born into Jesus Christ actually become a new creature, we don’t just act differently. We have been reborn as something new. God uses heat, pressure, and uncomfortable processes to transform us into the image of His Son.

The calcite in limestone RECRYSTALLIZES (changes) to form a rock that is a mass of interlocking crystals. This is a picture of the church. As the Lord transforms His own, He also binds them together with His others. Christians cannot be lone wolfs. Our very spiritual DNA draws us toward God’s family bc He desires us to be one with Him and His others.

Marble also forms at convergent plate boundaries – where tectonic plates meet – through the heat and pressure of this friction. This is a picture of two realms meeting – heaven and earth – and how the friction of this is often the heat and pressure the Lord uses to transform His own.

Marble easily yields to the master: It is very easy to carve – it is a 3 on Mohs Hardness Scale. This is a picture of how Jesus yields to the Father’s will in all things. It accepts a polish very well – after being sanded it can be polished to a high luster. Jesus – after suffering, has been seated at the Father’s right hand and crowned with glory. It is used in both high (important/expensive) and low (ordinary/unimpressive) “places”. It is used in mansions as a fine finish on floors or counters and for special statues and structures. It is also used in farm feed, it contains important minerals for the animals, and in cleaners. It is a great neutralizer and used to lower acidity in lakes and rivers. Jesus is the all in all and there is no place too high for Him and no place too low for Him.


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