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Love, Bridget Episode 14 “Showing Up”

I wanted to share a personal story about something I experienced with the Lord about 6 years ago. It was life changing and forever altered my relationship with the Lord.

As I have been reflecting on this experience this past week, I saw something new. Our time in Gainesville was the reality of the walk. As we showed up, and followed the Lord, we were led to see His dream home. We got to experience His dream home. The Lord’s Home became our dream too. It is beautiful, and nothing in this world can compare to it.

So, have you found joy in spending time with the Lord simply because He is amazing? Have you ever been afraid that He won’t show up? Do you have a testimony where you showed up anyway and had an unexpected experience with the Lord?

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  • Donna
    July 9, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    Dear sister, this has touched my heart so deeply and I’m not even sure why, but He knows. I think it’s just the beautiful intimacy and the sense of Him having such pleasure and joy on so many levels. Thank you. X

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