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Lower Sugar Diet Week 1

Here’s what we ate last week:

Breakfast was baked oatmeal. I made banana chocolate chip cups using dark chocolate chips, blueberry coconut cups, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups (I’ll post the recipe soon). The two with chocolate are bigger hits, not surprisingly.

Lunch was eggs.

  • Monday – fried egg sandwiches with bell peppers. We just slice up a bell pepper to eat as a side (kinda like fries).
  • Tuesday – scrambled eggs, toast with butter, and grape tomatoes
  • Wednesday – tuna salad, hard boiled eggs, and carrots
  • Thursday – omelets with spinach, tomatoes, and cheese
  • Friday – kids choose how they want their eggs.
  • Saturday – Taco bell (we aren’t perfect)

Snack was popcorn, triscuits (sometimes with hummus), apples (sometimes with peanut butter), oranges, almonds

Dinner was yummy.


Sunday was pizza. I make our own pizza sauce and will eventually make our own whole wheat dough, I’m just not there yet. I kept it simple and just made 2 cheese pizzas. Again, one way we keep our grocery bill lower is to eat at least 3 meatless meals a week, and to eat less food. We cut the pizzas into sixths and everyone gets two pieces. Are we stuffed? No. Are we satisfied? Yes.


Monday was mac-n-cheese with broccoli and sausage. We love our pasta around here. Again, I buy whole wheat pasta now and I’ve found a mac-n-cheese recipe that we all like. Here’s what you do: put the macaroni on to boil. While it is cooking, slice the sausage and cook in the skillet over medium heat. Heat the broccoli in the microwave. I literally just dump it in a covered dish and mic it. I don’t add water or butter or salt or anything. After cooking and draining the macaroni, mix in 1 cup plain greek yogurt (it makes it creamy and a little tangy) and 8 oz of extra sharp cheddar. Listen, if you’re gonna make mac n cheese from scratch you gotta use at least sharp cheddar, though I like extra sharp best. Mild will not taste cheesy at all. Now, salt the mac n cheese to taste. Mix in the broccoli and sausage (I use skinless beef sausage). Enjoy.


Tuesday was grilled chicken wraps. RC grilled chicken breast. I cooked some frozen corn with frozen peppers and onions and some refried beans. We topped everything with sour cream, cheese, spinach, and salsa, and wrapped them in spinach tortillas. Mine was so over-stuffed that I had to use a knife and fork. =/


Wednesday was alfredo pasta and green beans. I make our alfredo sauce from scratch now and will never go back. It is easy and we all love it so much more than the stuff in jars. Here’s the recipe I use if you’re interested. I cooked the green beans in the microwave with salt and pepper. Our second meatless meal of the week.


Thursday was chicken legs on the grill, garlic butter mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies. I just sprayed the legs with coconut spray and sprinkled them with salt and pepper. I infused a stick of butter with garlic while the potatoes cooked and then used 1/2 to 1 cup plain greek yogurt in the potatoes with it (I can’t tell you exactly how much yogurt bc I didn’t measure it, I just scooped what looked like enough in there. I say start with less and add more as needed.) I roasted the mixed veggies in the oven again with coconut spray and salt and pepper. Super simple and super yummy.


Friday was rice and black beans. I used brown rice (not pictured), the left over corn, peppers and onions, and a can of black beans. We topped it with cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Our third meatless meal.

If the kids are hungry later in the evening, they have some more fruit. I bought stawberries specifically for dessert. We used to have dessert every night, so this has been one of the biggest changes. RC and I had Deep Eddy smoothies a few times this week also. It’s just frozen fruit, a little water, and a little Deep Eddy peach vodka.



I spent $144.97 at HEB, but that also included some allergy nasal spray, make-up, and pepto. I’d say I spent around $125 on groceries. I really thought I’d need to pick up a few things as the week went on, but we had quite a bit of food already from the previous week, so I never had to buy anything else.  It also is why our grocery bill was lower.

Anything you think you might try? Any recipes you’d like to share?

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