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Master Bedroom Details


Last week I showed you our master bedroom redo. This week I want to show you the smaller details of the room that are easily missed in those bigger pictures.

masterdetailstvThis first picture is of our TV and Blue-ray player. I LOVE the white TV. LG is a great brand and the TV suits all our needs. The picture and sound quality are awesome, and did I mention it’s white?!? =)  The coral candle is from Target and smells divine. The coffee mug is one of a set of four that I decided to use for our pens, scissors, etc. The teal polka dots had me at hello.


masterdetailsbookI use an old French book that I found thrifting to lift the TV up a bit. It makes seeing the TV while lying in bed easier. The Sony Blue-ray is awesome. We stream our Netflix through it, and it also has an option where we can sinc our phones with it and play movies from our phones on the TV, called MiraCast.

masterdetailschairThe chair cushion is just a throw pillow from Target. It has a down alternative insert so it squishes down more like a true cushion than a regular throw pillow would.

masterdetailsdeskHere you can see the new cabinet handles I put on the cabinets and drawers. They actually came silver and I spray painted them. I don’t recommend that for cabinets near water, like the kitchen or bathroom, or cabinets that get lots of hard use. The spray paint just can’t seem to stay on. These are doing great, though. You can also see how we finished the desk. After we removed the middle drawers, you could see the drawer hardware for the remaining drawers. We simply bought a sheet of 3/4in plywood because we were using most of it for another project (you could use something thinner for a similar project) painted it, and nailed it inside the desk opening to cover up what we didn’t want to see. Et viola.

masterdetailsuppersThese are the upper cabinets. You can kinda see the bluetooth speaker in the upper right corner. We play white noise while we sleep and music while we work so a bluetooth speaker is a must have for us. My parents bought us a Bose for Christmas, so we hooked it up to the TV in the living room and moved this one back here. No, it’s no Bose, but it is really good for the price. We honestly wouldn’t have replaced it ourselves, because it is that good. However, who’s gonna turn their nose up at a Bose? Not this girl. You can also see RC’s stuff that lives up there. It really is great having this extra space.

masterdetailspictureThis is my side of the bed, and my hook. That is my grey robe and coral scarf, both from Target. The picture frame is from Target as well. I love the combination of the bone and the wood.

masterdetailsbridgetsideThis is my small shelf. The flowers are from Hobby Lobby when all their flowers were half off, and they are in a soda bottle that we bought back on Halloween to make butter beer (from Harry Potter) with the kids. I really liked how it looked so I kept a couple of them. The small blue bowl holds my ponytail holders, headphones, and chapstick. There is a tiny Command hook under the shelf that my sleep mask hangs from. We disconnected the lights above the bed and spray painted them the same color as the cabinet handles, and then reattached them.


This mirror is also from Target. It is really light and I love that it is a mirror with a little something extra. Plus, it’s in French. =)

masterdetailsrcsideRC just has a small blue striped bowl on his side. It holds his ear plugs and chapstick. His sleep mask is also hung on a small hook under the shelf.

masterdetailsartThis is RC’s side of the bed and his hook. That is his pullover and bluetooth headphones. The art came from a book of “art” that I bought at Hobby Lobby for another project I’ll reveal soon, and I didn’t need this one so I put it here. I love the contrast with the walls and the pop of color.

Well, that ‘s the small details. Next week I plan on revealing the bathroom redo. Stay tuned!

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