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My 5 Favorite Things About Using a Laundromat

When we first began our full-time journey, one of the things I wasn’t looking forward to was using a laundromat. I had used ones before, to wash rugs and huge comforters, but never my regular clothes on a regular basis. Now, after using laundromats for two years, I can say that I’m sold. I’ll share how we do our laundry in another post, but for now here are 5 things I love about using a laundromat.

  1. I don’t even think about laundry until Friday.

Because we only do laundry once a week, instead of whenever the hamper is full, I no longer have “throw towels in the washer” on my mental to-do list. Laundry happens on Friday and I don’t even think about it till then.

2. We do much less laundry.

Because we live with significantly fewer clothes than we used to, we all make sure our clothes are really, actually dirty before throwing them in the dirty clothes basket. That means that pants/short/skirts get worn at least twice (three times preferably) before being labeled “dirty”. Shirts usually go in the hamper after one wear, but if we didn’t really do anything that day, we (and by we I mean me) will probably be found wearing that shirt again the next day. I’ve even done this when I’ve seen people that I might see again the next day. No shame in my laundry game, and seriously, I doubt people pay that close of attention. We’re all mostly paying attention to ourselves. 😉

3. All my laundry for the week is done in 2-3 hours.

Because we can wash and dry five loads at once, things go much quicker. On top of the fact that RC and I do laundry together so “many hands make light work.” When I lived in a sticks and bricks I would try to do most of the laundry on one day, but would, inevitably, forget the last load in the washer and have to rewash it. Plus, the last two loads rarely ended up folded because by the end of the day I was just out of laundry mojo.

4. Our kids clean the camper while RC and I do laundry.

Because our children are old enough to spend a few hours without our supervision, they are tasked with doing the cleaning chores while RC and I do the laundry. Our home and our clothes get all clean every Friday. Just as laundry only takes us a few hours, cleaning the camper only takes them a couple of hours.

5. RC and I go on a lunch date after.

Because we found that lunch was much cheaper and we enjoyed rewarding ourselves for doing the laundry. 😉 We also buy the kids something fun for them to eat at home on Fridays after they clean. This makes the “work” we do on Fridays a little sweeter.

So, fellow laundromat users, what are your favorite things?

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