My Newest Flower Arrangement

I love real flowers. I love floral fabrics. I love paintings and pictures of flowers. I even love fake flowers.

Some in the interior decorating community believe them to be a big no-no. I, however, believe they can be a beautiful addition to any interior if done well. Here’s the thing: not all fake flowers are created equal. I usually only buy my fake flowers from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I rarely buy a ready made arrangement because it is usually cheaper to make my own. Also, I wait till the flowers are on sale or I have a coupon.

I NEVER buy fake flowers from places like Walmart or Dollar Tree…

…until last week.

The kids asked to go to Dollar Tree. There were a couple things they wanted to buy with their own money so one evening I took them. While they were getting their stuff I walked around the store checking things out. We hadn’t been to a Dollar Tree in a while and this was a nice bigger one. As I walked past the fake flowers something caught my eye. There were a few bunches of white zinnias that actually looked quite nice. I picked them up, checked them over, and then started planning.

I didn’t buy the flowers right then. I like to leave the store and see if the desire to buy something stays with me or not. Sometimes just walking away can give some needed perspective if I’m just getting caught up in the moment, but a few days later I was still thinking about those zinnias so I decided to go back for them. Thankfully, there were still two bunches of them there. I also picked up a package of floral foam.

I stopped by Hobby Lobby and bought a mercury glass candle holder that I had been eyeing for a few months. (See, the desire had stuck around) The candle holder was on sale 50% off. Score! It was originally $5.99 so I got it for $3. This whole project was coming in under $7. Can’t beat that!


First, I cut the tag off the flowers and then cut the flowers apart. I used the candle holder to “measure” how tall I wanted the flowers and then simply used a pair of sharp scissors to cut the flowers apart. The stems do have a wire in them, but because these are Dollar Tree flowers, the wire wasn’t that strong. Usually I have to use our wire cutters to cut the nicer flowers I buy.



After cutting all the flowers, I then cut the floral foam down. First it needed to be shortened.


Then it needed to be made thinner to fit in the “vase”.


It still fit snuggly which is necessary if you don’t want your flowers wobbling around.

DTflowersvasefoamI then simply started placing the flowers in the vase. First, I placed them along the edge and then filled in the middle, building them up as I went. I used all the flowers because I wanted it to be full and I’m loving it. Not only was this super cheap, but it is also super light weight. Something those of us in homes on wheels must always consider.


I’m enjoying this new arrangement in the house we are crashing this month, but I’m looking forward to finding a place for it in Ginormica soon.

Do you use fake flowers in your home? Do you buy the pre-made arrangements or make your own? Any tips for the rest of us?

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