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New and Improved Jewelry Organization (and a different lamp)

When we first moved into Ginormica I was very pleased with my jewelry organization. But then we went and turned our dresser into another office desk and all of a sudden my jewelry organization didn’t work so well anymore. Now, it was just in the way.


I found a new jewelry box at TJMaxx for $7 that is wonderful. It is clear so I can still see all my stuff, and not forget and therefore never wear what I have. The top drawer is mine and the bottom one is RC’s. When I took these pics he was wearing all his stuff.


I love that my little dish fits perfectly on top to hold our rings and chapstick, and the mug with pens and stuff too.


I also put a little more of my jewelry in storage for right now. We are doing a bit more traveling this summer and so we are trying to travel as light as possible. Once we settle again I’m sure I’ll put everything back out. This end of the dresser feels so clean and nice now.


Also, I remembered that I had this wall lamp in storage and thought it would work so much better than the lamp that was here. It is great up on the wall instead of taking up desk space, plus I love how it looks. I got it at Target if you’re interested.


Also, did you notice that I changed the curtains back to the all white ones? Yeah, the others were beautiful, but I guess I’m just in the less is more mood right now. Summertime is on its way.

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