One Minute Mug Cake

When I saw this recipe on Pinterest I figured it was too good to be true. However, the possibility of having cake this easily meant I had to at least try. And it worked!

Basically, you just mix one box of Angel Food Cake mix with one box of whatever kind of cake mix you want (I chose strawberry bc I LOVE strawberry, though most of my family would have preferred chocolate so I’ll try that next). Then, when you are ready to make your single serving of cake, you measure three tablespoons of the mixture with two tablespoons of water in a mug and then microwave it for one minute. Different microwaves might require more or less time.

It’s that easy. I have eaten the cake with strawberry jam on top (pictured) or just a bit of butter. Both ways are so yummy! Chocolate syrup would be awesome, too.

Here’s the recipe. I keep my cake mixture in a zip lock baggie.

Would you try something like this? In all honesty, I usually make two mugs. =)

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