Our Five Minute Experiment

One of the biggest challenges with living in a small space is the lack of movement. Because everything is basically within arm’s reach you just don’t move about as much.

To combat this, we decided to begin adding five minute breaks into our day where we must stand up and move about. We took five weeks to  fill our days with “get off your butt” breaks. The first week I set my alarm to go off at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. Each time the alarm went off, everyone had to be off their butts before I would start the timer for 5 minutes. Yes, we would stop in the middle of whatever we were doing for our breaks.

The second week we added 11am to our breaks. The third week we added 1pm. The fourth week we added 3pm, and the fifth week we added 5pm. We are now taking a five minute break every hour between 10am and 6pm.

The kids loved this idea and spent the first few weeks outside having light saber fights every break. Then we had a couple of kids decide to get the flu, so while we kept our breaks going, not everyone participated, and it was easier to just stand around in the camper. Now that people are on the mend, and the weather is warming up, I imagine more light saber battles are on their way.

I, too, have really appreciated the breaks and found many different things to fill them. Sometimes it is a simple household chore like wiping down the counters or washing the few dishes in the sink or taking out the trash. Sometimes I get a set of squats, sit ups, and push ups in. Sometimes I use the five minutes to get dressed and put on some make up. Other times I simply stand up and allow my thoughts to turn away from what I’ve been working on and to the Lord.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how easy it has been to do this, and how much more productive I feel. Not only does it feel really good to move my body more, but the little things I accomplish on our breaks are very satisfying. Also, there is a connectedness to the real world and each other that I’ve sensed over these six weeks in a new way.

Hang on…gotta go take a break.

Ok. I used that break to put on some proper clothes and a bit of makeup before we meet my grandparents for lunch. See? So productive. =)

We plan to continue this practice for the foreseeable future. It is super easy to do, and though it interrupts our work, the interruptions actually seem to benefit us.

Here’s an article on how too much sitting can negatively affect our health. 

Do you have ways that you incorporate movement into your day that are unique? Please share.

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