Our Halloween Tradition

We’ve run the gamut of feelings about Halloween. From loving it and making sure to dress up and participate, to shunning it because it’s evil, to a more middle ground where we are now. There is now one tradition we have been doing for the last four years that we absolutely love and we don’t think it will be going anywhere, anytime soon.

We love Harry Potter. We stayed away from it for awhile because of all the outrage by some people over it being “of the devil”, but we never formed our own opinion about it. After going to Universal Studios in Orlando and visiting Harry Potter world, we decided we wanted to know more about it. We read the books and watched what movies were out at the time, and we became hooked.

Now, every Halloween week, we watch one movie a night, ending with number 8 on Halloween. We also make pumpkin juice and butter beer and have candy. Especially chocolate. =)

The first 7 nights we limit the amount of candy. The final night is a free for all, though. We figure our kids will learn the discomfort of a sugar high and stomach ache best by experience. 😉

It is really fun to enter back into the world of wizards for a week, and to enjoy a change in our regular daily life. To visit Hogwarts together as a family.

So, do you have any out of the norm Halloween traditions? Do you also love Harry Potter? I know there’s gotta be some of you out there.

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