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Our Outdoor Space

We’re pretty sure we’re gonna be in Austin longer than usual. Granted, “longer than usual” for us is longer than 7 months, and we’re currently on month 9. Anywho, I’ve taken the opportunity to create an outdoor space for us that is less transitionary.

RC’s parents helped us bring my vision to life last month when they came to visit. Typically the dream is a white picket fence, but I wanted a black one. The stain we chose was ebony and I love the contrast between my white house and the black fence.

We didn’t cement the posts into the gound, we actually screwed the fence into the wooden flower pots. The fact that it’s in the shape of an L and the flower pots are what keep it up. It can also be taken apart so that we can either store it or take it with us to the next place.

The RV park has lots of trees, which is great for our air-conditioner, but it’s not so great for growing a garden. I’ve had to choose shade or part-sun plants, and I’m still figuring everything out. I almost killed my hydrangea and a couple of my plants aren’t looking so good. Green thumb I’m definitely not, but I’m learning. Hopefully there won’t be too many casualties.

These flowers sit right outside the door. (I almost typed “front” door as if we had more than one.=)) I love saying hi and bye to them as I come and go, along with my little gnomes.

I call this one my grumpy old man. =)

This is the space right next to the rig outside the door. We’ve had this table since Kingwood, TX and I filled the Ikea cart with their fake plants because this space is under the awning and really doesn’t get much light. With these, it doesn’t matter what color my thumb is.

Above the black table is my window box and crowded camper sign. Again, more fake plants and flowers and I can also see them from inside.

We still have plans for the outside of the rig: a new awning and new paint. Until then, however, we are loving our outdoor space.


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