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Our Switch to Turkish Towels

When we were preparing to move into Tiny, I was in full on problem solving mode, trying to figure out how we would fit our lives into 200 sq. ft. There are a few blogs that I read regularly and one of them happened to review her own recently purchased Turkish Towels. I had never heard of Turkish Towels before. Until then, I was a white terry cloth purist. I loved my white towels and their ability to be bleached back to brightness. I also happen to prefer nicer linens and towels, so I didn’t just buy anything. I would wait until the good stuff went on sale, and then snatch it up. However, after living in Houston, TX, and then Gainesville, FL, I knew what humid climates could do to towels. Yuck. If they stayed damp for a little bit, you had a stinky mess on your hands. And eventually, that stink wouldn’t go away. I decided that Turkish Towels might just be the perfect solution to our new camper lifestyle.


Not only were they 100% cotton and super lightweight, but they promised to be really absorbent and quick drying. Sold! However, after reading a few more reviews I realized that not all pestemals are made equal. Also, they get softer and more absorbent with each wash so I figured there might be a few weeks of transition time. Instead of easing myself into it, to make sure I would like them, I just took the plunge and bought six, while giving all our other towels to Goodwill. Thankfully, I loved them.

In Tiny, the towels hung on hangers in our shower stall. Everyone had their own hanger and we switched towels each week after washing them. Here in Ginormica, we hang them on hooks and everyone uses the same color each week. Everyone has their hook and we always hang them gray, black, teal, gray, black, teal. And there is, honestly, no good reason for why we are doing it this way now.


I buy my towels on Amazon from a company called Cacala. They aren’t the cheapest Turkish towels, but they have great reviews and I have been more than pleased with my purchases and their service. I have ordered eight towels from them total, at two different times, and have been completely satisfied both times. We have been using these towels for two years now, and I don’t ever plan on going back to regular bath towels. Now, I don’t know about you, but $23 for a bath towel is kinda pricey to me. Let me tell you, I think these bath towels are so worth it. Not only are they still as fresh as they were when we first purchased them, but I think they feel even softer with each wash,


In the picture above you can see that the fringe does fray after a while. Sometimes towels come out of the dryer wound together, but I’ve never had a hard time getting them apart. I’ve never had to cut them apart or anything. I don’t mind the more worn look of the fringe, but you can see the difference between the black towel and the aqua towel. The black towel was purchased two years ago, and the aqua towel was purchased just a month ago. I had tan colored towels, but didn’t like how they looked in the bathroom. That was truly the only reason I bought new ones. The tan ones were in perfectly fine condition, I just didn’t like the color. We only have these eight towels (not including hand towels). We have our six swim towels as well, but we don’t keep any other extras on hand, except, I guess, the two tan ones are technically now extras. =)


These towels are big (37×70) and do take some getting used to if you are used to big fluffy towels. At first, they feel like there is nothing to them. Wrapping my wet hair in such a thin towel felt weird at first. However, they really are very absorbent. Have you ever had towels that feel like they just push the water around on your body versus actually absorbing it? Yeah, that’s not these. And they dry so quickly. Each person in our family uses one towel all week. The towels are only damp for a little while after they are used. They don’t stay damp all week, like some other towels would. We wash the towels once a week, when we do laundry, and we haven’t had any smell issues at all in the two years we’ve been using these. (obviously, except the teal ones, we’ve only had them a month)

I’m a peshtemal believer now. They take up hardly any room when folded, and are as light as a feather, which is great in a R.V.. Plus, I think they look pretty too. =)

*The amazon links are affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. This is one of the ways we support the work of establishing churches. I only recommend products I personally use and love. Thanks so much for your help!

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