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Our Thanksgiving Lord’s Supper

For Thanksgiving this year we also celebrated a Lord’s supper. We practice the Lord’s supper as a celebratory feast, and holiday meals make feasting quite easy. =) We planned our menu, but we also planned things of the Lord to share and feast upon.

We began the meal with the Bread. Two brothers declared many spiritual realities that are ours through the broken body of Christ. I’ll give you a small portion of what they shared:

Brother 1: We proclaim and declare His death.

Brother 2: On the cross He dealt with everything.

Brother 1: Christ dealt with the old creation.

Brother 2: He forgave all our sins and ordinances against us, and made us alive in Christ.

Brother 1: He triumphed over all rulers and authorities on the cross.

Brother 2: He broke the power of death the enemy had over us.

Brother 1: He defeated the world system.

Brother 2: He set us free from the old man, and we are no longer slaves to sin.

Brother 1: We proclaim that He rose from the dead.

Brother 2: He overcame death.

Brother 1: Death has no hold over Him.

Brother 2: He is the Resurrection.

Brother 1: He is the Life.

Brother 2: We were crucified with Christ.

Brother 1: We were raised from the dead with Him.

Brother 2: Christ is alive today and He lives within His Church.

Brother 1: He is the living water.

Brother 2: He is the bread of life.

As the brothers declared our Lord, we amened in agreement and thanked the Lord for His mighty work. Then we partook of the bread and filled our plates. Carrie and I had made a trip to Hobby Lobby and found some creative ways to express our Lord through the decor. We then asked our children to participate by doing a little research and sharing what they discovered with everyone at the dinner.


Caleb and Elijah (our oldests) researched the refining of gold. We had found gold colored plastic utensils that we used to eat with and to symbolize the spiritual gold that the Lord is producing in us. The boys shared how Christ is the true gold and how the process of refining gold is a picture of the Lord removing all impurities in us so that Christ is all.


Joshua and Noah researched the Ark of the Covenant. We had found some wood slices on clearance that we painted gold to symbolize the wood overlain with gold of the ark. The boys shared how Christ is the reality of the Ark of the Covenant. He fulfilled the law (the stone tablets with the 10 commandments were in the ark), and he was the perfect expression of humanity (the wood) and divinity (the gold). Christ has brought in the New Covenant, the more excellent covenant.


Micaiah, Isaac, and Isaiah found some scriptures that spoke of Jesus being the light of the world. To represent this we had terra cotta pots with candles in them on the tables. Terra cotta being clay, they symbolized the human vessel of Christ that holds the True Light. We also declared that the church is now the human vessel that holds Christ’s light and displays it in the world.


As the kids shared, the adults encouraged them with amens and added insight as the Lord gave it to them. A brother read some scripture and others spoke words of love to the Lord. Each person simply shared what they had.


When we were ready to pass the cup we went around the table each reading from a list of 20 Things the Blood of Jesus Does (the paper under the plates). We regularly share the wine from one cup. Wine is a natural antiseptic, so long as no one is really sick it is OK to drink after each other. Our kids are even allowed a drink of wine. We also have grape juice for those who don’t drink wine and for the kids, if that is what they prefer. I tell ya, the blood of Jesus Christ is something quite tremendous and precious. It is really strengthening to remember and rejoice in what our Lord has done by His blood.


We didn’t eat till 3 in the afternoon, and by then the temperature was starting to drop, so we finished dinner and moved to the fire pits we had set up. We continued to enjoy fellowship and talk about the Lord together as we rocked in the rocking chairs and warmed ourselves by the fires.


The only things about our dinner that are consistant with all our other Lord’s suppers is the celebratory atmosphere, the breaking of the bread, the sharing of the wine, and the focus on Jesus Christ. The ways we declare the Lord and feast on Him are different each time we partake of His meal. We don’t always read the things the blood of Jesus does. We don’t always have special decorations. We don’t always have the kids share something.


Sometimes we sing a lot, sometimes we sing a little. Sometimes we focus on one section of scripture, sometimes we have a pot luck of Jesus. The Spirit is free to lead us however He desires, and we have found Him to be infinitely creative. It is such a treat to celebrate our King.


Thank you, Lord Jesus.

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