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Our Outdoor Space

We’re pretty sure we’re gonna be in Austin longer than usual. Granted, “longer than usual” for us is longer than 7 months, and we’re currently on month 9. Anywho, I’ve…

Home School, Life

My Budding Photog

Isaac is taking photography this year. We found an online class from a guy in Australia and every week Isaac is learning a new photography style or trick. I asked…

Life, Living Well on Less

Lower Sugar Diet Week 1

Here’s what we ate last week: Breakfast was baked oatmeal. I made banana chocolate chip cups using dark chocolate chips, blueberry coconut cups, and dark chocolate peanut butter cups (I’ll…

Life, Living Well on Less

Our Lower Sugar Diet

Notice I said LOWER sugar. Not even necessarily LOW sugar for some people, but definitely LOWER sugar than what we had been eating/drinking. =) Last October I showed you what…


Blueberry Coconut Baked Oatmeal Cups

I made these yesterday morning and immediately decided that you guys needed the recipe too. They are so good! I’ve lamented my desire to like oatmeal, and my inability to…