Pancakes for Dinner

I’ve found a pancake mix that takes the cake. Whenever I made pancakes in the past, I would always make some bacon or sausage to go with it. Protein helps our body process sugar so I prefer eating some protein whenever we eat a meal that is higher in sugar.


With this mix I don’t need to make any protein with it. There are 3 different ways to make it. You can use just water, just milk, or milk and eggs. I usually do the third option of milk and eggs. This makes the protein in the meal even higher.


An electric griddle makes pakcake making so much easier. I use my 1/4 cup measuring cup to pour the batter onto the griddle.


The syrup in the second pic is really good. I prefer pure maple syrup, but it is expensive, and six people go through it fast, so I’ve been using this syrup now.

When I was growing up we would eat breakfast for dinner every Sunday. We aren’t that regular with this meal, but it is in our rotation. It’s simply, cheap, and yummy. You can’t beat that.


*There is also a glutton free mix and a regular mix.

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