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Put a Plant in It.

I haven’t only been adding plants to my garden outside.

I’ve been trying to fill my house with them too. Plants add such life to any space. If you are wondering why that room you’re working on still seems to be lacking something, let me ask you, “Does it have a plant in it?”

Seriously, you need a plant. I currently have six plants in my home (I’ve added one since I took these pics) and I still have plans for at least two more. I also have two fake plants inside, but I’m really talking about living plants right now. Add a living plant to your home asap, please.

It’s plant season, there is no shortage of them at any store, and you don’t even have to replant them. Just buy a pot big enough to drop the container the plant comes in in. Bam. Done. I have two indoor plants where I’ve done this very thing and they are doing great.

Here are a few tips in case you literally have no clue how plants work (this was me at one time):

  1. Pay attention to the little plastic stake stuck in the with the plant that tells you about the plant. It will tell you important things like how much water the plant likes, how much sun the plant likes, etc. This will help you choose a plant for your home (maybe you don’t have much sunlight in your place – don’t get a plant that needs lots of sun) and will help you know how best to care for it.
  2. If you are going to plant the plant in your pot you need to make sure that the pot has drainage holes in the bottom of it. If the pot doesn’t have holes in the bottom of it, you need to leave the plant in the container it comes in and just drop it into the pot. Water must be able to drain completely through the soil, otherwise, the plant can get root rot and die.
  3. If you do plant the plant into a pot with drainage holes make sure you also get the tray that goes under the pot to catch the drained water. You don’t want water going all over your table after you water your plant. There are ones that match the pots, ones that are attached to the pots, and cheapo clear plastic ones you can buy.
  4. Make sure you tell your plant(s) how much you love them every day. Kidding. Sort of.

Most plants are not hard to care for and will easily tell you what they need if you just pay attention to them.  And there’s always Google for when you really don’t know what to do.

Now go put a plant in it!

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