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We’ve completely redecorated our 2002 Montana Big Sky 3575 RL. I’ve linked all the blog posts about each space under the pictures. However, I’ve already made some pretty big changes and just haven’t had the time to take new pictures of the space yet. You can catch glimpses of the changes in blog post and webisodes, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to take updated pics soon.

The Master Bedroom



We painted all the walls a dark gray called Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams. It makes the space super cozy, but I  keep it from being too dark by having lots of white to contrast with it. We replaced the mirrored closet doors with curtains, and bought a new memory foam mattress made for RVs. We replaced all the window coverings with black-out roller shades and curtains for a softer look.

master before

master before


We took out the two middle drawers in the dresser to create a desk space and bought a folding chair from Ikea that can be folded away when not in use. It’s a great second office since we both work from home part-time. I replaced all the cabinet hardware with new pulls that I bought online and spray painted gold. Here are the posts featuring the bedroom:

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The Bathroom



In the bathroom I painted everything white. It’s an awesome contrast to the bedroom, especially since they are really one space most of the time. It also makes for a very simple and clean feel. We replaced the faucet with an oil-rubbed bronze one that is much more enjoyable to use, and coordinating oil-rubbed bronze pulls for the cabinets. We also hung a white shower curtain since the bathroom is also a pass through space, that way someone can shower and we can still get to the bedroom or living spaces if needed. Also, and more importantly, the shower curtain hides the ugly shower.


The toilet closet also got a makeover. A chair rail with the dark gray below and white above. I painted the small cabinet with chalk paint in a light pink. I used the same pulls on this cabinet as in the bedroom.


And hung a grouping of pictures on the opposite wall. I love the mixture of the different frames and art.


Here are the posts featuring the bathroom:

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And here’s a video tour of the bedroom and bathroom: (This was taken before we got the new mattress so now there is much more space in the desk area.)

The Entry

I don’t have any befores of the entry, unfortunately, but it looked like the rest of the rig so I’m sure you can imagine. We added a Kallax shelving unit from Ikea, Command hooks for coats and some Command hooks above the door for my husband’s hats.


Here are the posts about the entry:

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The Dining Room

We replaced the table and chairs in the dining room with ones from – you guessed it – Ikea! We are able to fit all six of us around the new table and we use the chair from the bedroom and the chair from the desk in the living room to make six seats.


We added a coffee bar, replaced the window coverings with roller shades and curtains, replaced the light fixture with a small pendant, and put up wallpaper that looks like beadboard. We have two slide-outs in the living space and we painted both white, while painting the rest of the walls a soft gray called Silverbirch by Glidden. I think it adds another dimension to the space.

I painted the small cabinets dark gray to contrast with the white table and added dark gray cushions to the chairs to balance the cabinet.

The dining room is next to the desk space that is wonderful for home schooling.

Here are the posts about the dining room:

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The Kitchen


The kitchen is my favorite transformation. I chose to paint the uppers white and the lowers dark gray and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

I put black pulls on the lowers and antique brass knobs on the uppers. We replaced this faucet with an oil-rubbed bronze one also. RC attached it so that it can extend all the way to the stove. It’s my own special pot filler. =)

We removed the lattice trim on top of the cabinets for a cleaner look and are now able to use that space for baskets holding things we only need every once in a while. We have a basket for napkins and a small chalkboard for the weekly menu on the end of the cabinets, as well as a reminder to “love one another”. It’s so easy to forget. =)


I put the beadboard wall paper as a backsplash in here and we replaced the under cabinet lighting with an LED fixture. We covered all the linoleum flooring with vinyl wood looking planks for a more cottage feel.

I found the black and white striped towel at TJMaxx recently and love it. I love a stripe and I especially love a black and white stripe – my wardrobe attests to this fact! #toomanyblackandwhitestripedtops


Here are the kitchen posts:

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The Living Room


We replaced the sleeper sofa with a built in daybed that our kids now fight over. They get a comfy place to sleep and I get a place to have lots of pillows. #winwin

Again, roller shades and curtains keep us cool and make it prettier. I chose black knobs from Hobby Lobby for these cabinets. I decided to treat the cabinets as individual pieces of furniture, that way I could use different knobs and pulls on them. I really like the effect and think it also contributes to the cottage feel of the space.

We bought the laptop table from Ikea =P and I’m currently typing this post on it. RC prefers being back in the bedroom and I prefer being out in the living room with everyone so it works out nicely.


We also replaced the two chairs with a sofa. This gives us three seats during the day and another place for someone to sleep at night. The sofa is -of course- from Ikea. I love having a place for some of our books, though many more are still in storage, and more baskets for things like playing cards and movies we borrow from the library.

And here’s the desk area that is usually covered in our kids’ stuff that they just can’t stop for a few seconds and put away. #itrarelylooksthisnice

I added black pulls to the desk area and love the black and white of the cabinets with the natural wood top. It reminds me of one of my favorite outfits: jeans, camel colored boots, and a black and white striped sweater. #Idresstomatchmyhouse

And here are the posts for the living room:

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Here’s a video tour of the space before Christmas so lots of things are different now, but you can get an idea of how it all works together:

And finally, here’s what our space looks like decked out for Christmas:


Christmas 2016

That’s our home for now. Thanks for visiting virtually!