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Home School: Finishing Well

It’s that time of year. The finish line is so close yet so. far. away. May is always hard. Really, it starts the middle of April for me. So what’s…

Home School

Home School Curriculum: Copywork

Technically, copywork isn’t a curriculum, and my spellcheck doesn’t even consider it a word. However, we have been using this practice for many years now and I think it has…

Home School

Home School Curriculum: Saxon Math

Now, hear me out. I know that home schooling, and home schooling curriculum can illicit some pretty strong reactions in people. If you hate Saxon math then please feel free…

Home School

My Home School Must-Have

*This post was first posted in October 2012, and our home school routine has changed over the years, but I still use this planner. I use it a little differently…