Tent & Altar Podcast: Bridget’s Story Pt. 1

In last week’s video, I said I would be posting these on Sundays. Well, that’s still the plan, I just had a very full weekend and wasn’t up for the task last night when we got home.

After some prayer and consideration, I decided to use the Tent & Altar podcast as an opportunity to tell the stories of some saints who are living a life of the Tent & Altar.

If you’re still not sure what I even mean by Tent & Altar you can listen to the first podcast here, where I explain why I chose this name.

My hope is that through the stories of those who are laying on the altar whatever the Lord asks of them, and keeping themselves unattached from this world for His use, you will be encouraged and see that what we get in return is so much more valuable than anything we stand to lose.

So, here’s part 1 of my own story. I hope you enjoy.


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