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Tent & Altar Webisode: New Year Excitement and B.I.D.I.A

I finally just did it, guys. And honestly, I even had to employ B.I.D.I.A. to get this thing posted because I totally had second thoughts on actually posting this after I recorded it.


(You’ll have to watch the webisode to understand.)

BUT I have the next webisode already on my heart and hopefully, B.I.D.I.A. will get easier as I keep on. I’ll keep ya posted.

Also, the second ever (in the history of all time) Tent & Altar podcast will be published on Sunday. I’ve already gotten plenty of B.I.D.I.A. practice with it as well. I’m sure I’ll get more. =) (I also talk about this in the webisode.)

Here’s to a greater revelation of our glorious Lord and His grand purpose in 2018!

*B.I.D.I.A. = But I Did It Anyway.

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