Tent and Altar Webisode: Getting in Shape

I spent 16 weeks prior to our trip to England getting in shape and losing some weight. I wanted to enjoy our trip to the fullest and I knew that being in better shape would definitely help with that.

Here’s the strength building exercises I used. I did three sets of each exercise every day with one rest day.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

The supplements I used were:

  1. A regular multivitamin. I can’t remember what I started with, but I’m currently using One-a-day Women’s.
  2. St. John’s Wort. This helps regulate mood and I knew that dieting would affect my mood. =/ I’ll explain in another webisode how I use this occasionally now that I’m no longer dieting.
  3. A diet supplement. I used SlimQuick while I was preparing for our trip. I can’t say that I recommend it because it affected my digestion, but it did help curb my appetite and give me energy. It is high in caffeine, though, so I had to limit my coffee consumption. =( There are other, better supplements out there, I’m sure, but I didn’t take the time to find them because I knew this was very short term for me. Also – the directions say to take 3 at breakfast and 3 at snack time, but I only took one at each time. During the last four week segment I took 2 at each time, but that is when I really noticed my digestive issues and I stopped taking it entirely about 10 days before we left so I wouldn’t have those issues on the trip.

Here’s the Whole30 if you’re interested. I tried this for the first time back in 2015 and only made it to day 21. This time was much easier because our diet had continued to change over the last two years and doing the Whole30 wasn’t quite as big a difference this time as it had been in 2015.

Cool Running: Couch to 5K – here’s what I did for cardio the final four weeks before our trip. I purchased the app for my phone which I recommend if you plan on trying this. I jogged almost every day, and repeated any days that I wanted to rather than continuing the progression since I was going faster through the program than they actually mean for you to.

Ultimate Intention begins next week.

It will be its own video series. I’ll still continue to do videos like this one where I just share things that are going on with me/us and other things I think you might be interested in. This way, if you aren’t interested in doing Ultimate Intention, you don’t have to sit through it to hear what you are interested in and vice versa.



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