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The Anatomy of a Well Made Bed

May has turned into all things bedroom here on Love, Bridget. To finish the month I decided to keep things to the bedroom and talk about a subject near and dear to my heart: sleeping.

I was the kid that asked to take naps growing up. I’m the adult that still loves naps. I function best on a solid 9 hours each night, though I rarely get that much, so I make up for it with naps whenever I can. Sleep is important to me, and therefore having a great place to sleep is important to me. Here are my necessities for a well made bed:


First, a great mattress is primary. When we lived in the townhouse we had a memory foam mattress and I loved it. Those things are crazy heavy and hard to move, but they are so very comfortable. We gave ours away while living in Tiny, but when we moved into Ginormica the bedroom mattress had already been replaced by a previous tenant and it is a pretty good one. Way better than the standard RV mattress. Seriously, if you have an RV replace the mattress first thing.

I love a super cushy mattress, so the first thing we did was add a mattress topper. It is just a basic down topper that we got from Target. Not only does the topper make the mattress more sinkintoable, it also protects the mattress and is able to be thrown into the wash when necessary.


Second, a great pair of sheets. I would rather have one nice pair of sheets than many sub par pairs. When we wash bedding we do it all in one day, and usually just put the washed sheets back on the beds. We do have two pairs of sheets, but one is really just a back up. I buy my sheets from Ross or TJMaxx because I can get nicer sheets at cheaper prices. Here’s my requirements: 100% cotton with 400 or higher thread count. The higher the thread count the better, in my opinion. My sheets seem to get softer with each wash and I love climbing into them at the end of a day.

Also, we just started living without a top sheet. I had heard from a few sources that Europeans don’t use top sheets, and after living in tiny places that make making a bed difficult, I decided to give it a try. Honestly, we love it. We don’t miss the top sheet at all, the bed is so much easier to make, and I’ll tell you next how we keep the comforter clean.


Third, a great comforter. I will never go back to regular comforters. In 2006 I bought a down-alternative comforter and have been in love with it ever since. It was so worth the $100 I spent. I keep it in an ivory linen duvet from Target that is really easy to take off and wash. By using a comforter in a duvet, I don’t feel the need for a top sheet, nor the need to wash my big comforter every week. Simply washing the duvet is enough.


Fourth, a body pillow. My hips require the use of a body pillow at night. I have two different cases for it; a summer one and a winter one. During the day, the body pillow acts as a headboard of sorts.


Fifth, great head pillows. Our pillows came with our memory foam mattress and run about $75 each. They were part of a special when we bought the mattress, so we got them for free. When we need to replace them, I highly doubt we buy $75 pillows again, but these are wonderful in the meantime. I’m not recommending crazy expensive pillows, but please, for the sake of your neck, get some good pillows. If your pillow is just a regular pillow from Target, make sure to replace it regularly. If you find yourself needing to fold the pillow in half or double up pillows to have enough support, it’s time to get something new. Seriously, folks, pillows don’t actually last forever.


Sixth, throw pillows for sitting support and visual aesthetics. All of my throw pillows are down inserts in diy cases. It’s cheaper and I get exactly what I want. I recommend a small assortment of pillows in different shapes and sizes. Keeps things interesting. All of the pillows on my bed are functional in some way. During the day, when I’m napping, I simply put the long rectangle pillow between my knees for my hips and use the square pink pillow under my arm as shoulder support. This allows me to nap without undoing the whole bed and is really easy to remake when I’m done. At night, we don’t have much room for piles of pillows, so these three simply go under the desk to be out of the way. If I had more throw pillows on the bed, we wouldn’t have any room for them at night. Hence small assortment.


Finally, a throw blanket. Again, with the naps, I simply pull the throw blanket over me and then put it back when I’m done. There have been a few cold nights where I’ve used it, but it is mainly a napping blanket. I get my throw blankets from Ross and TJMaxx as well. We actually have quite the plethora of throw blankets. I can’t seem to help myself. Every kids has one of their own and we even have two really thick ones that we use on cold nights. My obsession might have something to do with the fact that I HATE being cold, though I am usually cold, so lots of blankets mean warmth is never far away. =)


Since we use our bedroom as living space, you can occasionally find me like this: notice the rectangular pillow as a head rest.


Also, if you don’t need a body pillow then I recommend two Euro Shams. I brought these in from the daybed in the living room to show you what I mean.


These are great to sit up against, and I actually prefer how they look, but I don’t like unnecessary pillows on the bed and with my body pillow these are unnecessary.


So those are my bed making must-haves. What are yours? Have you tried living without a top sheet? Think you could? Are you a napper like me? Nappers unite.

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