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The Coffee Cart

I love coffee. I didn’t always love coffee; at one time I would have told you that coffee tastes like burnt tea, but now I love coffee. It all started when a friend of mine said, “Let me make you some in my french press.” After that, I was sold, and it just snowballed from there. It also helped that RC began drinking it too. So now, we have a designated coffee cart in our home.


In our townhouse we had a coffee bar in the kitchen. I loved it. In Tiny we had no room so we just had our coffee maker out on the tiny bit of counter space we had. When we got the fifth wheel, I was looking around, thinking about where we would put the coffee maker. Then RC had the idea to put it on this cart we got from Ikea and I was so excited to have a coffee cart. =) It’s the small, delicious things.


We have a Kuerig Mini. It was a display and we got it at a great price. We had a big Kuerig in our townhouse and loved having a fresh cuppa anytime. We knew we wanted a Kuerig in our RV, but the big one wasn’t gonna fit.

I drink decaf all the time now so the big container has my Gevalia House Blend Decaf in it. I lurve this coffee. I also lurve Coffee Mate Natural Bliss creamer, particularly the salted caramel and the cinnamon ones. RC likes the darker roasts so his is the medium container, and he usually drinks his black. He’s hard core. We have some flavored stuff in the small container for when we’re feeling it, or have company over.

It is so much cheaper to buy ground coffee and use these reusable filters, rather than buying the individual filters. Plus, we’re not filling up the landfills with more plastic this way.


The bottom of the cart is used for extra pantry space. Especially for our bread, and fruit and veggies, and then anything else I can fit. Usually chips and the kids snack food. This week it was goldfish and granola bars.


Oh, I see my tea in there too. I’m not a big tea drinker yet, but I wanna be. I do occasionally drink a sleepy time tea before bed, but I have to do that early enough to go to the bathroom a couple of times before I go to sleep, otherwise I wake up during the night, which kinds defeats the purpose of sleepytime tea.

Do you love coffee? Do you have a coffee bar or cart? I have a dessert coffee recipe for you next week that is uh-mazing!!

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