The Crazy Spoon Game

I was looking through some old photos this morning and found these that reminded me of a game we played once that the kids thought was really funny. It’s super simple.


We have six people in our family so I chose six random kitchen utensils, and we placed them in a bag.

crazyspoongame2Each person drew one of the utensils and had to eat their dinner with that utensil.


Caleb drew the baby spork. He was so distraught! (kidding)

crazyspoongameRC drew the tablespoon.

crazyspoongame6We had hamburger helper for dinner (we had that a lot back in the day) and we laughed to whole way through.

crazyspoongame5We haven’t played this game since, but I’m thinking it might be making a comeback tonight. =) I’ll post a pic on instagram.

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