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The Ever Illusive “Work-Life Balance”.

Everyone seems to want it, no one seems to have it.

I’m probably noticing the conversations about this because I’ve recently begun a new season of working outside the home. However, the problem with what I am hearing on the topic is that the solution is sought in finding the balance between all the things at all the times. “How do I balance everything right now?”

People want to do all the things at all the times. Last week I talked about how I, myself, want to do all the things.

But God didn’t create all the things to happen at all the times. (Yes, I meant to write it like that.)

Seriously. Look at the world around you. Not the world man has built but the world God has built. It is a world run on seasons. Certain things happen at certain times. Everything doesn’t happen all the time.

Can you even imagine?

What if it was always winter, spring, summer, and fall. All. The. Time.


We would be so overwhelmed with all the things that each season requires we wouldn’t know which way was up. But that’s just it. God has created his balance in seasons. Beautiful seasons.

When it is winter are you afraid that you’ll never wear shorts again? No, that would be ridiculous. When it is spring, do you go around wearing your heavy coat because you still need to represent for winter?


Who even thinks like that? When it is spring we wear spring clothes and do spring things and we know that when winter comes around again we will then wear winter clothes and do winter things. And therein lies the balance – doing everything in season.

As we learn to live by the Life of Christ within us, I believe we will also learn to live by His seasons. Some seasons are for work. Some seasons are for raising our children. Some seasons are for planting. Some for watering. Some for growing. Some for harvesting. Some for prayer. Some for evangelism. Some for discipling. Some for testing. Some for refining. Some for preparing. Some even for rest.

The problem isn’t that we desire balance. True balance is found in Jesus Christ and it is something we should desire. The problem is that we are looking for it within our own capabilities and our own understanding. God has created perfect balance in His creation, and we can walk in that balance as we walk in His Life.

Living in the season. Focusing on what it’s time to focus on. Trusting Him with the rest.

A Life of Balance in the One who is Perfect Balance.


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